Affiliate Partner

Dear future partner,
If you have a website connected to an affiliate software, there is a chance that we can become your partner. Our databases contain at least 100,000,000 email addresses to which we can send various marketing offers and collectively make a profit.

We work with various online casinos, hotel and accommodation websites (,, and airline ticket sites.
Send us an email about your request for cooperation to Be sure to include your website, affiliate software and commissions, and the countries in which you are active. If the terms you propose are suitable for us, we can start working together or make our own offer.

Yours sincerely, affiliate team

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What do we mean by ‘affiliate marketing’?
Affiliate marketing is a performance-based advertising method where businesses pay a commission on conversions to an affiliate. Essentially, an affiliate earns money by promoting and selling other people’s products, just without holding any stock, having to fulfill orders, or deal with customer services. Sales are tracked via affiliate links to enable commissions to be calculated.